Women as a Financial Adviser

Power… Influence… Six-figure incomes… To such enticements, add awards, accolades, and exotic, five-star accommodations for annual conferences, and you’ll get the alluring picture drawn by sharp investment counselors with high levels of More »

Modern Women Business Consulting

We dream of being self-employed. Large numbers of women decide to strike out independently and turn our skills and expertise into a legitimate service, like business consulting. What is striking about many More »

Can’t get a loan?

Most of us have a vague idea of what a credit report actually is. But when its time to apply for that loan to purchase your house or pay for a car, More »

Got Your Personal Finances under Control

Do you find yourself stretching your limits because of your spontaneous shopping spree? It’s time to get your finances in control so instead of wincing when you check your bank balance; you’ll More »

Advice You Can Bank On

In the pamphlet “The Essential Steps to Obtaining Business Credit,” Thacker, a vice president for Norwest Banks, writes that too many small companies regard banks with mistrust, limiting their interactions to routine More »


Learn to Delegate


Feeling overworked? You’ve finally been promoted to manager, but now it seems like you’re doing the work of three people. Does this sound familiar? The problem: You may have “controlitis.” By trying to micro-manage every project — paying too much

Raises, Relocation, and Realty


It costs more than you think to pick up and leave. When is a raise not a raise? When migrating professionals on the rise fail to calculate relocation costs with their eyes wide open. The hefty financial burden of relocating

Leading Through a Layoff


Layoffs are never easy, particularly when they affect someone you trust and respect.

Rent-to-own extends your borrowing woes


Almost any household item can be obtained on a rent-to-own basis — furniture, appliances, even dishes and pots and pans. For cash-strapped individuals or people starting their own businesses, the rental market offers a less-expensive way to get items they

Tips and Traps : Fitness Matter


I have spent years advising women on how to stay motivated and keep fit, yet I also battle with the fat(ter) woman trapped inside of me — a woman slowly making her escape, one dimple at a time. This battle

Women & Divorce :> More tips


After a divorce, a woman’s household budget — not to mention her nest egg — can suffer dramatically. Here is a guide to what you need to know to protect your finances before, during and after a divorce. State laws

Women & Divorce


Though divorce happens to one out of every two new marriages in the U.S., no woman is ever prepared for the emotional and financial upheaval it brings into her world. Divorce means a broken heart, shattered dreams and, more often



Your timing couldn’t be better. The tips- Don’t drop your current policy until you’re officially approved for a new one. You don’t want to be driving around on the California freeways uninsured for even a minute. Take as high a

What’s Your Stock’s Sign?


They may not want to admit it, but some financial types pay less attention to analysis than they do to the moon and the stars Think Alan Greenspan’s the Svengali behind market movements? Think again. Think higher up. Higher. Consider

Personality Conflicts: How To End The Stress

Surprise! The Answer Is Not Getting The Other Person To Change Behavior Is your boss autocratic and cranky? Has your significant other turned into a nag or a monosyllabic bore? Are the kids on hyper-drive? When we interact with people

20 Powerful Steps to Office Survival

The following guidelines will enable you to be more politically effective by increasing your personal power. 1. Work and live purposefully. Decide what you want to accomplish in life and how to do it. This plan makes it difficult for

Dealing with a Difficult Boss

“He’ll stop at nothing to move up the ladder. He lies, covers up mistakes, and will go behind your back if it means he can look good.” “Everything has to be done his way. Being wrong never slows him down.”