There are careers for older women where the age factor is not relevant. If you are an over aged woman, for job market, there are service based careers that require no physical strengths and can offer competitive advantages over younger job applicants as well.

Even though some employers would prefer a younger workforce, the older applicants still have a wide variety of career choices to choose from. Employers favored older and much-experienced applicants because they need less training and have a shorter period of adaptation

Whether an older woman is currently employed or looking for work, ingredients essential to her employment success are her attitude toward work and her motivation to be current and competitive.

Age is not a good predictor of who can perform a job successfully. Research indicates that with normal aging, people maintain intelligence and learning abilities into late life. Key, however, is having skills, knowledge, and ability to learn. This means staying current with skills that are valuable on the open employment market.

older women Careers

One of the best careers for older women is undoubtedly the career in teaching. There are a lot of vacancies for teachers from time to time in schools and colleges. What’s more? There are also subjects such as art, sport and music that are an addition to the other existent subjects usually taught. If you don’t want to work with any school or college, you can start with your own private classes at home. These don’t need any sort of start up capital or extra costs but just a place in the home to teach.

Careers for older women

Writing novels, plays or children’s books are one of those professions whose only requirement is good writing skills. Also, you can do the job at the comfort of your own home, a plus factor if you’re in your advanced years.

Women over 50 also have opportunities in healthcare. For example, if they worked as a nurse for years, they may want to transfer their skills to chief administrative positions within the hospital, or they may decide to work in healthcare management.

Women over 50 who work in finance have numerous outlets to choose from. For example, some may decide to become bank branch managers after they spent years working in administrative roles at the bank. Others may want to look into more challenging roles at investment companies.

Wedding Planner
This is another great career option for older women, giving consideration to the current demand for wedding planners and the money they earn. Read up the duties of a wedding planner and see if you would like to take this up as a profession. The career I must say is very interesting and fun too, but again hard work levels are high. You have to deal with a lot of people and their different tastes and the time bound working hours.

Wedding Planner

Although in a recession or depression, jobs are not thick on the ground for workers of any age, there are jobs for seniors and mature workers who are persistent, know their rights, think creatively, and can adapt to different working environments. Certain professions, such as the customer service and educational fields, and industries, such as scientific, health care, and computers and technology, are growing very fast and present great employment opportunities for older people willing to get additional training if necessary.