Women in the work world is so fascinating things to speak about. So here are some tips for ladies & young ladies about How Ought to to Wear Business Professional Apparel 2012 for Ladies.

Make positive that you are not wearing clothes that redefine wrinkles!. Keep your hairstyle simple. Don’t have elaborate hair-dos. Pull your hair together in a high pony or a tidy hair bun that adds to your demeanor. Don’t paint your nails with dark pastel shades.Your teeth shouldn’t wear your lipstick color. Wear light make-up & not loud make-up. Wear eye-glasses that define your eyes & attract attention of your audiences.

My concept for this collection was to create a line that gave young, professional females more freedom in their choice of dress. This line of clothing opens up opportunity for women to easily move from their work to their leisure life, particularly in the After 5 environment.

Clothing For Young Professional Women

The concept developed as I created a mood board filled with images of agony and entrapment. Dogs snarling as they are chained and restricted demonstrate a sense of mystery, as I translated in the collection through the form of hoods on garments.

Accessories that bring out your personal style. (Guys don’t call it that, but you’ve got accessories too.) A scarf for the ladies or the bold guy. A patterned tie for the men, a statement necklace for the women.

You’re Young; Your Style Can Be, Too.

Yes, I was a fashion victim in my early days as a professional. It took me some time to realize that dressing like a 50-year-old at 22 is just as awkward as dressing like a 22-year-old at 50. Let’s face it: The two looks are quite different!

Young Professional Women Dresses

young professional dresses

My advice? Dress your age; just keep it professional. Here are some ground rules:

  1. If you would wear it to a club on Saturday night, don’t wear it to work.
  2. If your undergarments show when you’re standing, sitting or bending over, don’t wear it.
  3. If you wouldn’t want your grandma to see the outfit, don’t wear it to work.
  4. If your grandma would wear it, don’t wear it (unless you have a really hip grandma!).
  5. If you feel uncomfortable, stylish or uncool, don’t put it on.