Coping with Boss:

According to human resource and career consultants, older workers are reporting to younger bosses more and more these days.

A recent survey by the jobs website CareerBuilder found that 43% of workers 35 and older said they currently work for a younger boss. CareerBuilder used Harris Interactive to administer the online survey of 5,000 workers.

Maybe you have been out of the workforce for a while (especially if you’ve been at home with the kids for a time) and have returned to a younger crowd in the office. Or perhaps a youthful star performer has risen through the ranks quickly and is being promoted faster than you can bat an eyelid.

Whatever the reason, if you are faced with taking orders from a boss who is younger than you, it might not always be easy. It is important to gain some youthful perspective in this case and learn how to cope with grace and enthusiasm.

  It very quickly became plain that male boss didn’t see older women as having value, says Barrett. He started out by coming into the department saying this is rubbish, the place needs to change. There was no attempt to find out what people were doing, or to get to know them. I couldn’t help feeling he saw himself as the new broom and us as the old dust. Here are some tops for you:

Treat your young boss like you would any other boss: with complete respect from the word go. Your boss got the position because he or she has the right skills and impressed the superiors. It won’t get you anywhere to spread rumors, gossip or innuendos about the boss and his or her age.

Focus on the positives of having a young boss. You will continue to feel uncomfortable if you look at all the negatives of the situation. Instead, see the pluses – the energy, dynamism, fresh ideas and new perspectives that a young boss can bring to a workplace are all great assets.

  Speak up about your skills. Do not be shy to let the boss know that you have good skills in certain areas. Without bragging or boasting, let him or her know what projects, activities and sales you have already accomplished in your life.

Dress well. Just because you are older doesn’t mean that you should present a frumpy, older image to the world. Instead, continue to update your style and fashion sense so that it continues to reflect a professional, up-to-date image.